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From: Chris Roth - Communities Editor (editoric.org)
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 09:09:16 -0700 (PDT)
Hello /Communities/ authors and potential authors,

Thank you for your patience as the /Communities/ team works to figure out the future of our publication. It currently seems most likely that the magazine will split off and be published by another entity with an allied mission, while FIC (the magazine's third publisher in its five decades of existence) looks to streamline its activities into a new business model focused on an enhanced website, including an online resource-bank and a Directory search-and-match platform. Details will be revealed once concrete decisions are made, but meanwhile, please know that:

The /Communities/ core staff is committed to keeping alive this 47-year-old forum for community storytelling, lesson-sharing, and exploration of diverse themes, challenges, opportunities, approaches, strategies, and insights related to cooperative culture in its varied forms. We have received messages of appreciation and encouragement from numerous people in many spheres, from communitarians, community-seekers, and aspiring community founders to communal studies scholars, activists in cooperative culture, and those leading more individual lives but nevertheless deriving inspiration, support, and guidance from what they read in /Communities./ We've heard from many people for whom the magazine has been literally life-changing, catalyzing their journey on a path that they would not have taken otherwise.

While its mission is ecumenical, it has nevertheless served as a kind of spiritual lifeblood for many people at different points in their lives, and has helped the broader public recognize the seriousness and relevance of the communities movement. It has been a way of sharing heartbreaks and joys encountered in cooperative living. It has been a way of recognizing that our own struggles are neither unusual nor pointless, but instead can contribute to a pool of shared wisdom; and that our successes and learnings can benefit not only us, but others with whom we share our stories, even if on the other side of the world. It has been a way for individuals and communities to reflect on their own situations and experiences, and grow from those reflections; and for far-flung individuals and groups to get windows into one another's worlds, and feel less isolated and more connected and inspired as a result.

It has also been a way for the magazine staff to feel a sense of purposeful connection with an extensive community of others also excited about this shared storytelling and educational forum. For us, the cessation of the magazine would be not just a "run-of-the-mill" loss (if there is such a thing) of work or project, but loss of something much greater: a community that we know wants to continue existing and that is inseparable from the creative endeavor of putting together every issue.

*We are soliciting your ideas and offers of help in launching **/Communities/**with a new entity. We already have some very promising leads/prospects to be **/Communities/**' new "home base"/publisher, but we are still uncertain where we'll be publishing. We also know for certain that we'll be looking for financial and logistical support, as well as ongoing individual and organizational partners, in this transition and endeavor--we'll let you know once we know more details, including who our fiscal sponsor will be.**
A Call for Articles for issue #186 will follow. *
Thank you again for your interest and support!

Chris Roth
Editor, /Communities/
81868 Lost Valley Lane
Dexter, OR 97431
editor [at] ic.org
ic.org/communities-magazine-home <http://ic.org/communities-magazine-home>

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