Related questions about taxes and donation income
From: Jude Foster (
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 07:05:48 -0700 (PDT)
Ann, I was surprised to read that Takoma Village doesn’t pay taxes on your 
resale pod donations.   I didn’t remember if you said that at your conference 
workshop.  It might be worthwhile for some of us to hear from your bookkeeper 
why or how that is true, and if it is due to your District of Columbia tax 
laws.  But with or without taxes, it’s a remarkable level of donation income!

Katie, I was surprised to read your words that most HOA’s are “mutual benefit 
non-profits.”  I was under the impression that most Coho’s are registered under 
state condo laws, which are not “non-profits” in any legal sense, are they?

My community, Trillium Hollow in Portland OR, files for taxes and reports all 
donations - Common House room donations, mostly, plus use of Common House by an 
outside entity, etc.  A total of $3-5K a year, which is nothing compared to 
TV's resale donation income.

The big accountant company who handles most of our Reserve Studies in this 
area, Schwindt and Co, also handles our annual tax filing. That donation income 
is offset by certain expenses, resulting in a close-to-zero tax assessment each 

Maybe the subject line should change to “questions about taxes on donations?!”  
I’ll do that now.
Jude, Trillium Hollow

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