Re: Assessments for Homes and their rental units
From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 11:26:35 -0800 (PST)
Our assessments are based 50% on a per unit basis and 50% on a per person 
basis. It’s seems to be a pretty fair system, but obviously requires that we 
conduct a monthly census. That’s generally not much of a problem because most 
homes have the same people in them from month to month. But the count can be 
tricky and even contentious at times — e.g., a shared custody child who only 
lives part-time here, college kids who come and go, etc.

Here’s the specific language from our Budget and Assessments agreement:
> All homeowners are assessed monthly. Assessments are allocated 50% on a per 
> lot basis and 50% on a per person basis. For purposes of making this 
> calculation, the census of how many people are living in each home is updated 
> at the beginning of each month. Only people who intend to live here or do in 
> fact live here for less than 30 days are excluded from the census. That means 
> that anyone who intends to live here for 30 or more days gets included in the 
> census and also anyone who in fact lives here for 30 or more days gets 
> included in the census, regardless of their original intention. A person is 
> removed from the census if they intend to or do in fact move away for more 
> than 90 days.
> For purposes of updating the census, “staying” in someone’s home is 
> considered synonymous with “living” in someone’s home.  Also, any definitions 
> such as Guest, Renter, Member, etc. from the Membership agreement have no 
> bearing on the census.  It is simply a count of people living in each home, 
> presumably consuming community resources.
> The calculation works as follows: Fifty percent of the total assessments to 
> be collected is divided by the number of homes which have begun paying 
> assessments to arrive at the per home assessment. Fifty percent of the total 
> assessments to be collected is divided by the number of people living in the 
> community to arrive at the per person assessment. The per person assessment 
> is multiplied by the number of people in each home to arrive at the total per 
> person assessment for each home. The total per person assessment for each 
> home is added to the per home assessment to arrive at the total assessment to 
> be paid by each homeowner.
> Definition: Assessments are only those charges which are to be borne by the 
> entire community, not special charges for such things as duplex insurance, 
> carport maintenance, meals, etc. Special charges are paid by those receiving 
> the benefit.

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> On Nov 2, 2019, at 8:59 PM, Devrah Bennett <devrah.bennett [at]> 
> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have searched the archives and haven't been able to find any answers to
> my question.
> We are considering restructuring how our assessments are allotted and would
> like to know how other communities do it.
> We have an owners assessment and subunits (rentals) which is half of an
> owners assessment. The issue comes in where some people don't receive rent
> for their subunits (family living in the unit) and other people receive
> rent for extra people in their home (no additional kitchen in use) and do
> not pay a subunit fee.
> We are hoping to come up with a new system that is more fair across the
> board.
> How does your community handle assessments?
> Thank in advance for your help,
> Devrah
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