If you've been wanting to know more about Sociocracy . . .
From: Diana Leafe Christian (dianaic.org)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2019 20:23:31 -0800 (PST)

        This post is for anyone who would like to learn Sociocracy for their 
community or forming cohousing group. 
        Or if you know Sociocracy a little now and would like a review, or if 
you know someone who’d like to learn it. 

        I'm teaching a 10-week Sociocracy Webinar on Mondays, Jan 6 to March 7. 
With 30-35 hours of total instruction time, the online course  consists of:

        (1) 2-hour weekly online live practice sessions (on Zoom) with myself 
the other webinar participants. We’ll practice that week’s topic (see topics 
below) and answer questions.

        (2)  60-90 minutes per week for each topic of short watch-ahead videos 
of my presentations of Sociocracy step-by-step, and visual, graphic-rich 
handouts. The videos include short readers’ theater skits and songs (acted and 
sung by past workshop participants) on the five meeting processes of 
Sociocracy. Here’s an 11-minute Sample webinar video: ’’Seven Parts'' of 
Sociocracy https://tinyurl.com/Soc7PartsVideo
        And a sample handout: Sociocracy: “Effective, Efficient, & Fun” 

        (3) Plus 10-15–minutes of home-study review of each week's topic after 
each session.    

        There’s a deep discount during the Super Early Bird period — now 
through November 30 — and further discounts for 4 or more people from the same 
group who register.
Topics by week:
(1)   Jan 6 -   Sociocracy Overview, Introduction to the Circle Structure
(2)   Jan 13 - The Circle Structure: Domain & Aims, Double Links, Roles
(3)   Jan 20 - Feedback Questions in Proposals
(4)   Jan 27 - Consent Decision-Making, Part 1
(5)   Feb 3 -  Consent Decision-Making, Part 2
(6)   Feb 10 - Proposal-Forming, Part 1
(7)   Feb 7 -  Proposal-Forming, Part 2
(8)   Feb 24 - Selecting People for Roles
(9)   Mar 2-Role-Improvement Feedback, Consenting to Circle Members
(10) Mar 9 -  Implementing Sociocracy in your Group  In this session I will 
coach one community group taking the course on how they can implement 
Sociocracy in their group, and coach other groups or individuals taking the 
course in individual sessions.
The site to learn more & register is here: http://bit.ly/diana-2020-webinar

     Diana Leafe Christian
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