How to delete quoted digest in gmail
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2019 13:36:19 -0800 (PST)
When I repost messages due to a problem, it is frequently
accompanied by the request:

 Digest subscribers, please delete most of quoted digest and
 restore subject line when replying.

I try hard to minimize excessive quoting in Cohousing-L messages.
Particularly quoted digests.  Digest subscribers have to wade thru
the excessive quotes to read the new messages.  And excessive quotes
bloat archive storage requirements.  Meaningful subject lines
(not just "Digest...") are very helpful in finding information in
the archives.

Recently a subscriber with a address asked HOW to delete
quoted digests and restore the subject line.

It turns out that the answer is not obvious to many people.  It is
possible, a few ways actually.  I've posted an FAQ entry that tries to
explain at:

18:How to reply to cohousing-L digests from Gmail

BTW in composing I wondered how many gmail / cohousing-L subscribers
there are so I compiled some stats:

1094 active Cohousing-L subscribers  (i.e. who get messages by email **)
 552 active subscribers with addresses
 377 active subscribers with addresses in digest mode
 116 active subscribers with addresses in digest mode who
     have posted to cohousing-L

** There is no way to how many get read :)

Fred, list manager

Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411  USA        (near north Mpls)
     Email:        fholson at      612-588-9532
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