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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 02:25:41 -0800 (PST)
We have round folding tables that seat 6
comfortably or 7-8 in a pinch. They are just like
a standard folding card table except that they are

The round shape and the size makes for comfortable
dinner conversations. I'm sure we would get the
same ones again.

There is one slightly annoying thing about them -
8 chairs will fit around the table when needed;
however only 6 chairs will fit all the way
underneath the table-top when not in use (2 chairs
on 2 sides and 1 chair under the other 2 sides).
So if you have 8 chairs around a table, two of
them won't fit all the way under the table top due
to the folding leg design. (I could well be the
only person who has noticed this!)

Meadow Wood Cohousing
Bremerton WA

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We are researching tables for our dining room. I
imagine have similar

1) Collapse, stack, and/or fold-up so they take as
little space as possible when we want to use the
dining room for something else, like dancing, a
performance, etc.
2) Easy to move around.
3) Well-made so they last a long time.
4) Affordable.
5) Healthy (glues and finishes, etc) and
environmentally sustainable.
6) Good-looking.

What is your community using and what are the pros
and cons.

Thank you,
Linda Hobbet

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