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The CohoUS Annual Report Webinar was held
Monday, Dec 2, 2019, 6 PM MST

The CohoUS Board of Directors and staff explained details of what new and
exciting things The Cohousing Association of the US has been up this year
of 2019!

[ I could not find the archived version of the webinar, it may become
available via the Coho/US blog page where past chats are archived:  Fred ]

What are you grateful for this season? Great neighbors? Common meals? The
sound of children playing outside? The security of knowing help is
available should you need it? The opportunity to help others just outside
your doorstep? Maybe you are grateful for the life lessons and personal
growth you have experienced as a result of living in cohousing. Or maybe
for the growth of your neighbors! Or perhaps your gratitude is for the
community yet to be and the people with whom you are building it.

Whatever you are grateful for in community this season, this is the moment
to pay that benefit forward. Please consider  making a Giving Tuesday gift
the Cohousing Association at:

By doing so , you are helping the next generation of cohousers
experience the same benefits you enjoy every day and sharing the
lessons learned from one community to the next.

Click Here:
to make your Giving Tuesday donation before the holiday rush. It’s not too
early to have it matched (up to $10,000) by our anonymous donor, bringing
twice the good to the cohousing movement.

Ann Lehman
Zimmerman Lehman
Board Governance Specialist

Yoga Instructor
Slow Yoga for Savvy Bodies

*CoHousing Association of U.S.  (Vice President)
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