exciting news from Communities, and pledge request
From: Chris Roth - Communities Editor (editoric.org)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2019 10:13:47 -0800 (PST)
Hello /Communities/ authors and friends,

We have some exciting news to share: /Communities/ magazine has found a new publishing home, an allied nonprofit organization that is excited to take us on as its largest project.

GEN-US (Global Ecovillage Network - United States) has reached agreement with FIC to become the new publisher of /Communities/, under the condition that the magazine brings with it sufficient funds to cover outstanding liabilities (unfulfilled subscriptions and ad orders) and relaunch costs. The various parts of the agreement aim to assure as smooth a transition as possible, and the two organizations plan continued collaboration as we develop our complementary activities, with GEN-US producing /Communities /while FIC focuses on creating a new online platform to connect community-seekers with communities.

As you know, FIC experienced financial crisis this year, and fortunately has been pulled out of it in the short term by donor generosity--but does not have money to spare to send with the magazine. For its part, GEN-US is enthusiastic about adopting /Communities/, and they and the /Communities/ staff have developed extensive business plans over the last month that we believe will be sustainable (and adaptable as needed) in the long run, but GEN-US does not have the resources to cover these residual "liabilities" either, nor to cover the immediate costs of restarting the magazine. Outstanding subscriptions and ads total $15,500, while estimated additional relaunch costs (upgrading website, systems, registrations, etc., and initial printing/shipping costs) total at least $7,500. Therefore, $23,000 is the minimum amount we need to raise in order for GEN-US to become our publisher.

We are seeking *pledges*, not actual donations, at this point, because until we reach our $23K goal GEN-US will not be able to publish us. As soon as we reach that goal, we'll inform pledgers how they can convert their pledges to tax-deductible donations via check or payment at the GEN-US website. In order to keep on our publication schedule, we are requesting that you inform us about any pledge you're able to make (preferably by email message or phone) *by December 9* if possible--or sooner if you're able.

The good news is that, as of this writing, based on responses to individual emails sent before the agreement was finalized, we are already a little more than a third of the way to our goal.

The more people who pledge, the stronger this campaign will be, even if your pledge is "small." And obviously, we are also seeking quite substantial pledges in order to reach our goal. Every amount is appreciated and we plan to acknowledge all donors to this relaunch fund in issue #185. If we can reach our pledge goal within the next week, we hope to have that issue ready to mail on December 24.

If you'd like to see our "funder report," plans and projected budget for 2020, and/or other information relevant to this publisher transfer, we can send those along.

Please email me directly letting me know the amount of your pledge, if you can make one. We truly appreciate your support!

Thanks again for being part of /Communities/,

Chris Roth
Editor, /Communities/
81868 Lost Valley Lane
Dexter, OR 97431
editor [at] ic.org
ic.org/communities-magazine-home <http://ic.org/communities-magazine-home>

for /Communities/ advertising,
please contact Gigi Wahba:
ads [at] ic.org

for photos and layout,
please contact Yulia Zarubina:
layout [at] ic.org

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