Re: Affordable Housing vs Low Income Households
From: Brian Bartholomew (
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2019 08:02:12 -0800 (PST)
 Kay Wilson <kwilsonfisk [at]> writes:

> The problem is, if existing neighbors are paying off mortgages of
> $300k (plus-or-minus), the assessed value in that neighborhood could
> go down below what some people owe, and then when they go to sell
> their homes, the assessed value of the homes may be less than the
> amount of their mortgages.

Banning inexpensive houses so that house prices can only rachet up,
has produced the result that house prices have only racheted up. And
here we are.

A house is a durable good which wears out, like an automobile; not an
investment. There is no way to make most houses increase in value.
Any appearance to that effect is an illusion created by warping the
surrounding money flows.

Alan O'Hashi <adoecos [at]> writes:

> Seems to me, the tiny houses in villages or mobile homes in parks
> aren't appropriate appraisal comparables. I doubt either would be
> integrated with single family detached or attached dwellings.

That integration was exactly what the Katrina victims tried to do, and
were blocked by their neighbors. Maybe it typically isn't appropriate
appraisal comparables because segregation of houses by cost is so common.


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