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      Re: managing rentals in cohousing

This has been an interesting thread

I’d be very interested to hear thoughts and experience re the following:

- If a community has rental units (meaning members with less money
invested and also potentially shorter term stays) how would it make
sense to think about managing voting rights and money (and related?).

        - Might you taper up voting “weight” relative to length of
stay, for example, hypothetically, folks might have 1/4 vote the first
year(?), 1/2 vote the second, etc? (whether by household or

        - Would renters have a say (and if so, how much) in long-term
infrastructure/building decisions, and would they be required to
contribute financially to such?

        - Are there ways to group different kinds of processes and
decisions or financial contributions that would make sense for renters
versus owners, or relative to length of stay?

        - Are there other legal considerations, other than the one
mnetioned in the last digest?

        - Any other things to consider?

Thanks very much!

I’m an aspiring cohouser (or intentional community)- hoping to
create something in a rural-ish location that will also serve as a
refuge for people with sensitivities to wireless radiation (cell and
router signal). Please feel free to pass my contact info on to anyone
you know who is seriously interested in something similar.

Meantime, best wishes to all for a happy new year

Jaffy Phillips
jaffy [at]

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