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You may want to look at Kailiash EcoVillage in Portland, Oregon and/or get
on thier waiting list....

"To maintain affordability, Kailash Ecovillage uses a rental model, and we
are able to keep rents substantially below the market rate. This allows
individuals with lower income and those without prior housing ownership to
experience intentional community. ......

There are a number of cohousing communities that maintain one to two
subsidized homes but these often have long waiting lists and or

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> as someone looking for housing under 100,000 i don't find this very
> helpful:
> > I will say again:  We do NOT have an ?affordable housing? problem.  What
> we have is a serious income inequality problem.  Trying to create
> affordable housing by cheapening the product ? and cheapening it within the
> paradigm of the stand-alone single family dwelling ? simply leads us
> further into the dead ends of the unsatisfactory (?mobile? homes) and the
> absurd (tiny houses).  If we combined more multi-family zoning with the
> progressive tax structure that served America so well in the ?50?s and
> ?60?s, the affordable housing problem would pretty much solve itself."
> the income inequality problem is a lot longer term issue than the
> immediate need for community that is affordable.  i don't find tiny houses
> or mobile homes absurd at all.  i would not consider these 'cheapening the
> product'.  i have seen beautiful mobile homes and would consider living in
> one if they would allow me to continue working in my home.  i am a 75 year
> old mental health counselor. and as someone who has been looking for
> affordably community for many years, these remarks feel like snobbery to
> me.   i saw not too long ago a group of small if not tiny homes built by a
> group of friends, a cluster of 8-10 homes, so they could form their own
> community.  i admit i am not educated about the cost of buying land and
> building but if they can do it, it can be done.
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