Re: affordable housing
From: Ron Ingram (
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 06:12:18 -0800 (PST)
Not debating that cash is not king just like cotton was king. But who put
cash on a pedestal ? Who crowned cash? Did cash do it itself? People did.
Those same people could also dethrone it lol but if they benefit from it at
the expense of others then who would expect members of the majority to
change their favorable position?

Also, isnt it reasonable for those who are not In the favorable position to
speak out or try to help themselves. Unfortunately, they cannot do it alone
or it would have been down already. That's power. That's dominance in
action protected by the fortress of the legal system. And to think we
literally still call them "landLORDS" lol

Anything can be deemed impossible or out of reach until it's done, or until
it becomes a new "reality" and sorry  to say this for those who have
benefitted from this but the current way we distribute housing is coming to
an end. I'm here because I want to be on the frontier of shaping our new
reality. Money does not equal intelligence or skill or talent. Money is
simply money. Hopefully in the future people of all income levels will
participate in shaping this new system.

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> "Sweat Equity" is a concept that only works if there is a willing "Cash
> Equity" partner willing to apply credit toward such efforts - and
> subordinate their equity to those who lack cash.
> Cash rules - cash is king - sorry - just the way the world works despite
> all
> best intentions or effort.  Call it unjust - but this does not change
> reality.
> This statement based on 40 years' experience in real estate - no I wont
> look
> up any statistics to prove its true.
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