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From: Alan O'Hashi (
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2020 05:54:44 -0800 (PST)
I've been following this thread and have lots of thoughts about housing 
affordability. One of the goals of the Cohousing Association starting this year 
is what I call the Cohousing triple-As:

* ACCESSIBLITY - If cohousing is such a great idea, there would be thousands of 
communities founded. That's not happening because traditional cohousing isn't 
accessible to most people. The typical cohouser is white, high income, high 
perceived social class, highly educated and 70 percent of the time a woman;

*AFFORDABILITY - Cohousing in its purist form doesn't cost a dime - the price 
is free. Why? Housing is housing and what differentiates cohousing from other 
housing configurations is the "secret sauce" that is made from shared values, 
consensus decisions, high levels of social interactions. The secret sauce can 
help any group of people who want to live longer and be less lonely without 
spending 10 years and millions and millions of dollars.

* ACCEPTANCE - I'd venture to guess that every cohousing community has as one 
of its shared values one of inclusivity and diversity. Considering what the 
typical community looks like today, it's more of a values placeholder. When 
cohousing is more accessible because it is more affordable, diversity will 
follow. According to the Cohousing Research Network retrofit cohousers tend to 
be younger, low to moderate income, single with more single parents; racially 
and ethnically diverse.

If you want to intentionally find out more about affordable cohousing, sign up 
for the "Affordable Conference on Affordable Cohousing" web conference that 
CoHoUSA is sponsoring on February 22nd.  Check out info about that here and 
sign up beginning this week sometime:


Alan O.

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