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Ann writes:

Hello all,

This affordable housing thread on Cohousing-L is very stimulating w/
many active responses.  I've read them all.

The housing crisis for moderate, low income and homeless people is
complicated and nuanced.  Pull one string ...  several other strings
become knotted.  For instance, one way to reduce housing costs is to
build more housing.  Increased supply will lower demand and prices
will decrease, too.  That will make a lot of homeowners who bought
during this "hot" market very unhappy as they see their investment
diminish.  Right now, in large urban areas, it's a seller's
market.   Housing units are selling at sums of money far exceeding
asking price.  You can bet homeowners will go to the mats to prevent
this from happening.

Rather than fuel more conversation about what is causing the crisis
... I suggest signing up for this newsletter you see below:  Bisnow
Affordable Housing. You will find an array of articles and reports on
affordable housing from experts working in the field.  You may wish to
start w/:
The Conundrum Affordable Housing Poses for the Nation.

Excellent overview of the drivers of the crisis.  Extra credit for
reading the comments.  Very illuminating.

Bisnow has many different newsletters and reports on housing and real
estate.  In addition to the Affordable Housing newsletter, I subscribe
to Bisnow Washington DC and Bisnow Baltimore.  I believe there's a
general Bisnow newsletter because I read about housing in Denver and
the West Coast.

As always ... as you peel away the onion layers, simple things can be
more complicated than first encountered.

Hope you find this useful.


Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC
Member, Board of Directors
Mid Atlantic Cohousing
Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
Falls Church, VA

Dear Karma --- I have a list of people you missed.

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> From: Bisnow Affordable Housing <newsletter [at] news.bisnow.com>
> Subject: 20 Things To Know About (Affordable Housing),
  Presented By Hunt Real Estate Capital
> Date: January 6, 2020 at 2:49:10 PM EST
> To: zabaldo [at] earthlink.net
> Reply-To: newsletter [at] news.bisnow.com
> o Banks See Affordable, Workforce Housing Sectors As Steady Investments
> o The Conundrum Affordable Housing Poses For The Nation

> o Yes, In My Backyard: The Key To Affordable Housing Is More Housing
> o Final Opportunity Zones Regs Should Mobilize Investment In Low-Income
> o How To Obtain Fast And Flexible Affordable Housing Financing In 2020
> o Boston Affordable Housing Summit
> o Long Island Needs More Affordable Housing To Stem Trend Of Young Adults
    Leaving Area
> o JV Pays $166M For Affordable Housing Portfolio In The Bronx
> o Philly Convention Center And Businesses Work To Fund Permanent Housing
    For Homeless
> o Denser Housing Is Gaining Traction On America’s East Coast
> o Affordable Housing Expert Named Economic Development Chief In Pittsburgh
> o Mixed-Use Building With Retail, Affordable Housing Planned For East
> o Ben Carson’s HUD To Propose New Rule To Further Weaken Enforcement Of
    Fair Housing Laws
> o D.C. Mayor Calls For More Affordable Units In New Housing Developments
> o Virginia Governor Proposes New Funds For Eviction Prevention And
    Affordable Housing
> o What If We Actually Addressed The Affordable Housing Issue? Doing So
    Might Look Like This
> o Affluent Chicago Suburb Eyes Scattered-Site Affordable Housing Plan
> o Fargo-Moorhead Affordable Housing Program To Kick Off Early In 2020
> o LA Requiring Developers To Put Affordable Housing On City-Owned Land
> o What's In Store For San Francisco Housing In 2020? More New Homes,
    But Not Nearly Enough
> o As Affordable Housing Shrinks In Seattle, Permitting Delays Keep
    Apartment Projects In Limbo For Months
> o Housing Affordability In Oregon Worsened With Low Construction Rates
> Boston Affordable Housing Summit
> Adding Units And Solving Bostons' Housing Crisis
> March 26, 2020
> Featuring > Gilbert Winn, WinnCompanies

> http://bisnow.com
> 123 William St, Suite 1505, New York NY 10038
> Brief Approval Code: 35124

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