Arizona Sociocracy Workshop Feb 15-16-17
From: Diana Leafe Christian (
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 21:22:39 -0800 (PST)
        This is for anyone in the Southwest (or west) wanting to learn more 
about socicoracy. I’m teaching a Sociocracy Workshop Feb. 15-16-17, Sat-Sun-Mon 
in Superior, AZ, about an hour from Phoenix. Hosted by the Regenerating Sonora 
nonprofit, the cost is $180-$250 sliding scale.
        When a community uses sociocracy accurately and uses all its parts, the 
benefits can be better meetings, getting more done, becoming better organized, 
and feeling more connected with other community members.
        By the end of this 3-day workshop participants will be able to design a 
linked circle structure for their group; create proposals with feedback 
questions to later measure and evaluate whether an implemented proposal is 
working well (and change it if needed); decide proposals with Consent 
Decision-Making; and choose circle members, select people for roles, and help 
people improve in their roles. 
        They’ll be able to describe sociocracy’s circle structure, explain the 
significance of feedback questions in proposals, and demonstrate Consent 
Decision-Making and other meeting processes.
        With materials from the workshop, they’ll be able to teach these skills 
to other community members. 
        The workshop will include step-by-step visual/verbal presentations with 
drawings, reader’s theater musical skits to learn each process, links to short 
online videos for additional information, small-group practice sessions, 
templates to create large wall posters with the steps for each meeting process, 
a comprehensive handout booklet, and all training materials available on Google 
        Learning sociocracy visually makes it easy to grasp. Practicing it 
makes it “stick.”
        Here’s a 3.5-minute video of a sociocracy song, ’Tis a Gift to the 
Circle. It was written by a cohouser in Cranberry Commons in Vancouver, and 
sung by cohousers at a 2015 workshop at Windsong Cohousing in B.C., and in 2019 
by Local Earth, a community near San Diego.

        3.5-minute video - Sociocracy song, ’Tis a Gift to the Circle 
        For more information and registration: 

        If you know cohousers in the Southwest (or the West, or anywhere) who’d 
like to learn sociocracy in a fun and enjoyable way, please forward this post.  
Thank you!

        Diana Leafe Christian diana [at]  828-669-9702
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