Affordable Housing
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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 17:18:27 -0800 (PST)
Hi all —

Here is an article written on May 24, 2019 — it’s practically a case study of 
one State’s adventures in building affordable housing.  It focuses mainly on 
Westport, Connecticut’s single family zoning that restricts multi family 

This article is an excellent look at the affordable housing dilemma so many 
areas of the U.S. are facing.

The title, which is not used in the article, captures the essence of the debate:

Separated by Design: How Some of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable 
Jacqueline Rabel Thomas
MAY 24, 2019

Here’s the link:

A little note:  the article and the various proposals for housing are talking 
about affordable housing for people such as police, firemen/women, librarians, 
social workers — all careers w/ salary ranges that prevent people from living 
in the community they serve.   This is not about low-income/Section 8 housing.

Another little note:  unless you are going to bed …read the comments for an eye 
opener ...

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Takoma Village Cohousing
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