Financial Advisor recommendations for Reserve Funds
From: Susan HEDGPETH (
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020 20:53:49 -0800 (PST)
Hi wonderful Cohousers!

We are looking for a new investment advisor to advise on our Reserve fund
investments. If you are happy with the person/group you're using, and they
meet the criteria below, we'd love to know who they are and how we could
contact them. Thank you in advance for your help!

   1. *Fee structure*: we're hoping to have *an advisor we can pay by the
   hour* (we'd rather not pay a % of assets for our ~$500K portfolio, and
   we're leery of commission-based fees due to our low turnover of
   investments). Also, it would be ideal if they are a *financial
fiduciary* and
   will only recommend investments that are in our best interests.
   2. *Investments*: we're mostly invested in CDs, but we're concerned that
   these are not keeping up with inflation, so we'd like an advisor who can
   help us balance returns with our risk tolerance and timeline. And we'd like
   to work with someone who understands *socially responsible / ESG
   investing* because we'd like to place our dollars in investments that do
   good for the world (or at least do limited harm).
   3. *Location*: They do *not* have to be local, as it's likely that a
   phone call or video conference once or twice a year would suffice.

Thanks again!

In community,
Pleasant Hill Cohousing Finance Team
Pleasant Hill, CA (east of San Francisco)

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