Re: Question about Guest Rooms
From: Vicki Rittner (
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2020 11:30:49 -0800 (PST)
Our building has 52 units and ownership is restricted to those 62 and
above. We have one (1) guest room with an ADA compliant bathroom, queen
size bed, and queen size sleeper sofa. We've been open for 11 months, and
usage of the guest room averages 7-8 nights/month. There's a $50 fee, and
use is restricted to family and friends; I wish we were open to visitors
from other coops (especially since there are multiple Village Cooperative
projects in multiple states) but we're living with rules handed down to us
from the developer. There's a Marriott directly across the street, and
we've negotiated a rate of $129 (which is often equal to the AAA rate).
30 miles away, the Village Cooperative of Longmont will be open in 30-60
days and they will have two (2) guest rooms for 62 units. That might be one
too many; especially because they don't have a space dedicated to
Most of our apartment homes are 2BR/2BA and some residents enjoy hosting
guests in their homes. Most of our owners/residents are in their 70's and
with few exceptions, we're all quite active.

My suggestion is to survey your owners and ask how often they expect to
reserve a guest room. Adjusting fees up or down will decrease or increase
the demand.

Vicki Rittner
Village Cooperative of Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO

On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 8:16 PM Ellis Cohen <e.cohen [at]> wrote:

> Appreciate it if any of you could answer some questions that will help
> us as we're finalizing the # of guest rooms we will have at Bay State
> Commons.
> How many units do you have?
> How many guest rooms do you have?
> How big are they?
> How well are they used?
> Do you wish you had a different # of rooms, or that they were a
> different size?
> When guests aren't using them, do you reuse the space in other ways?
> Anything else it would be useful to know?
> Thanks
>    -- Ellis Cohen
>        Bay State Commons
>        Malden, MA
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