Guest Rooms
From: Janet Murphy (
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2020 14:13:12 -0800 (PST)
Hi Ellis,
Here are answers from Arboretum Cohousing, Madison WI:

How many units do you have?
*40. 29 are in the newer apartment-style units where the guest rooms are. 6
are free standing homes that have a little more room for guests (but
the houses do use the guest rooms too).*
*We have 90+ members; 60+ are adults.*

How many guest rooms do you have?

How big are they?
*We have two small rooms with a bath that are on two residential floors.
It's really homey to have your guest just down the hall.*
*Off the Commons we have a suite of two bedrooms, one bath, and a sitting
area that has a futon. We often have unrelated people in the two bedrooms
who share the bath. The suite is also nice for large families.*

How well are they used?
*The guest rooms are quite popular. They are generally not full during the
winter months, are quite busy during the summer, and often totally full for

Do you wish you had a different # of rooms, or that they were a
different size?
*We do well with four. One or two more might be nice. *
*If we did it again I would minimize the size of the bathrooms and hallways
in the guest rooms, and maximize the size of the bedrooms so that two beds
could easily be in each.*
*Having guest rooms off the Commons has been handy for traveling
performers, and for folks who use the Common Kitchen for meals. Having a
guest room on each residential floor is really great.*

When guests aren't using them, do you reuse the space in other ways?
*No. During the build we thought we might, but we don't.*

Anything else it would be useful to know?
*We don't charge for the guest rooms, as we don't charge for other
amenities. We figure all our amenities are used by everyone, and we don't
want to keep track of charges. We also don't want members of lesser means
to be priced out of using amenities they help pay for. Sometimes guests
leave a donation.*
*During the summer we restrict room reservations to 14 days total.
Throughout the year single reservations over two weeks are also reviewed by
a committee. The committee can be flexible in evaluating need and
availability. *

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