Re: Question about Guest Rooms
From: Alan O'Hashi (
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 05:23:04 -0800 (PST)
At my place we have one guest room. The room that originally was supposed to be 
the guest room was roughed out for a bathroom. Instead, that space became an 
artist studio that gets rented out on a longterm basis. The guest room turned 
out to be much smaller, has two twins that can be configured into a queen bed. 
The 3/4 bath is down the hall, but for all practical purposes is a private bath 
since very few residents go down there. We have an artist coworking space that 
gets rented and the basement gets used more by nonresidents than residents.

Our guests have the run of the common house. We have a small refrigerator for 
their use, they can use the kitchen to prepare meals for themselves, watch TV, 
use the laundry, etc. Those longer stay guests are encouraged to attend 
community meals and events. They have to clean up after themselves, which 
mostly entails putting their plates in the dishwasher. As for the room, there's 
a $50 cleaning fee and room maintenance is jobbed out. We also hire out the 
common house cleaning that happens every couple weeks. (We're a "senior" 
community with lots of people gone quite often, sometimes for weeks or months 
at a time, and others physically are unable to do the work).

We pretty much take anyone. Generally, guests must be "sponsored" by a 
resident, but outsiders are informally screened. Guests pay on a graduated 
scale with friends and family of residents getting the best rate, then others 
pay higher amounts. Very few of our residents use the guest room since their 
houses are so big, they don't need to use the guest room space. As a result, 
the guest room - and the common house, for that matter - is not used that much. 
Community members are okay with giving priority to outsider guests to rent the 
guest room, as well as outside groups to use the common house.


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