Re: Question about Guest Rooms
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 12:29:58 -0800 (PST)
Village Cohousing, Madison WI

> On Feb 1, 2020, at 9:15 PM, Ellis Cohen <e.cohen [at]> wrote:
> Appreciate it if any of you could answer some questions that will help us as 
> we're finalizing the # of guest rooms we will have at Bay State Commons.
> How many units do you have?
> How many guest rooms do you have?
        2 with a shared bath
> How big are they?
       One has 2 single beds with about a single bed’s width between, a night 
table with lamp, a bureau, a chair, and a luggage holder.
       The other has 1 queen bed plus a single, a night table with lamp, a 
bureau, a chair, and a luggage holder.
       Both rooms have overhead fans and light blocking curtains.
> How well are they used?
       They are used frequently: friends & family plus a host of other 
visitors.  There are some slack periods. Demand usually outstrips     supply 
around the holidays.  But then some of our members are traveling during that 
period, and many have offered their units as a backup to the guest rooms.
> Do you wish you had a different # of rooms, or that they were a different 
> size?
     No & no.
> When guests aren’t using them, do you reuse the space in other ways?
     Very rarely.
> Anything else it would be useful to know?
     We don’t charge a fixed fee. Guests or hosts can donate if they wish.  
Most do.
     Clean-up is the responsibility of the host; both bedroom & bath.
     The common house committee oversees supplies.
     Stays are limited to 2 weeks with exceptions by approval of the community.
     Guest have full use of the common kitchen.

> Thanks
>   -- Ellis Cohen
>       Bay State Commons
>       Malden, MA
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