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At Prairie Hill in Iowa City we will have 36 units when complete;
we’re about 2/3 built. There are two guest rooms on the second floor
of the Common House, the Nancy Drew room and the Grant Wood. One has a
queen bed and ensuite bathroom. The other, down the hall, has twin
beds with a trundle type bed under one of them and a bathroom just
outside the door that is also sometimes (but seldom) used by other
guests or someone using our office. Both have accessible showers only,
not tubs. They are small, no closets but we have hooks and a very
small armoire in one room and wire shelves in the bathroom in the
other mostly for sheets and towels. Everyone has a host who is
responsible for cleaning the room and changing beds after the guests

We ask for a $25/night donation which almost everyone leaves. There is
a one-week limit on reservations, with extensions possible if other
guests aren't scheduled. We have a few people who will offer their
homes if they are away and there is a need. We don’t lock the empty
rooms because the splits in the guest rooms are helpful in heating and
cooling our hallway. It hasn’t been a problem but we don’t have
teens. ☺️ Noise has never been a problem. We invite people to use
the kitchen and living room downstairs. We offer potential members two
free nights to try us out. We have one person who keeps track of the
guests on our internal calendar. It has all worked out very well.
Slightly larger rooms might be nice but ours seem to work and people
always sleep well.

Good luck!

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