Re: Comm. Land Trusts at Affordable Cohousing conf.
From: Brian Bartholomew (
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2020 21:52:47 -0800 (PST)
 > This has been in practice for decades and probably centuries. The
> whole concept of zoning is to restrict use.

Just because kings have always done it doesn't mean it's ever been a
good deal for the subjects.

> But don't land prices increase as it becomes more scarce?

If that land borders on a coastline. But I think for the non-special
locations you would be looking at for low price, I don't think
population increase has increased land price much. Or maybe that's
wrong and land price has increased, but incomes have increased so much
due to productivity from tech growth that land still seems cheap.

> On another list a city planner just mentioned Japan as a place where
> housing costs have not spiraled out of control. The reason is that
> they have no zoning. People build the housing they need on land they
> can find. Probably tearing down and rebuilding.

Clearly, without zoning Japan must be full of ugly, shoddy, unsafe
housing; cars up on blocks, bathrooms without doors, etc. I saw a
picture once and the back yard didn't even have any grass!

> One place to research [inexpensive housing built by community barn
> raisings] is at Dancing Rabbit.

I was specifically thinking of them. Do they read C-L?

> Do you have a name on [SIP panel house kits] so I can research them?

I'll quote myself from 15 Mar 2007. Thank you, Fred, for keeping archives:

> Since what they do is modular, it should be relatively easy to just
> leave out some interior details, for example, or build smaller
> homes. Or downscale finishings.

I remember looking into occupancy permits, and they required a working
toilet, sink, stove, and furnace; they did not require interior walls.
Even if you get cheap appliances from architectural recycling just to
get the occupancy permit, they will still last ten years and you can
remodel them into what you actually want after you move in.


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