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In the last few months our community, Monterey Cohousing in Minnesota,
started using Gather and more recently a communication system called
Discourse. Each has taken some getting used to as we transition away
from paper filing of community records and from our former yahoo-based
email communication system.

We are fortunate to have avery tech savvy person in our community who
has taken the lead in organizing our files on Gather and, at least for
now, be the main person transferring documents into their proper
places. As time goes on and the system goes clear, others of us who
are organizationally oriented are beginning to have the authority to
add documents as well.

In addition our lead in this transition as actively in contact with
the cohousing folks out in Michigan who created Gather and has found
them interested and responsive to her feedback.  Gather is not only
created BY cohousers, but is also interested in SERVING cohousers.

Denise, co-treasurer Monterey Community Association, the umbrella
organization for Monterey Cohousing Community

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