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Here is my reply to Anne’s request for how other cohousing
communities have built off of Tacoma Park’s resale approach.

Anne – I have attended two of your resale workshops at national
conferences. PDX Commons has structured its resale program on yours.
We have a similar 60 day right of first offer to the HOA. We also
maintain a active waiting list who have priority rights to make offers
during the right of first offer period as Katie also counsels.

I just recently perused your web page to see how you have the resale
portion set up. I am recommending that PDXC model that portion of our
webpage after yours, especially your listing of key documents – very

We have been living here for almost 3 years and have not yet had any
move outs. However, I believe that we will have our first this fall.
So, we have reconvened our dormant Resale Work Group to review our
agreements and create a more detailed plan for implementation.

PDXC does not have any rental portion.

I have attached our relevant Resale Agreement., our wait list
explanation and our advisory to hiers.

As a part of our Resale plan , we will develop an orientation program
for prospective buyers.

We have also crafted a voluntary “instructions to heirs or estate
trustees” on how to handle any resale. I believe that about ¼ of
our members have actually added this piece to their wills.

Thanks for all of your help on this important issues. We are open to
any new learnings that you might have developed. Happy to send you our
plan once it is  developed.

Lew Bowers


Bowers & Bowers Development LLC

Founding Member of PDX Commons

Certified Cohousing Consultant

I have not attached the attachments mentioned. If any community wants
a copy, please amil me directly. Lew

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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 15:06:33 -0500
From: Ann Zabaldo < <mailto:zabaldo [at]> zabaldo [at]>
To: Cohousing-L < <mailto:cohousing-l [at]> cohousing-l [at]>
Subject: [C-L]_ Resales and Rentals

Hello all ?

In the last 4 years at Takoma Village Cohousing in beautiful, exotic
NW Washington, DC we?ve educated and informed 13 sellers on using a
For Sale By Owner process for selling their home saving them 6% in
realtors fees.  In return, these sellers have donated a total of
$102,000 to TVC.

I?ve given a number of workshops/talks about the Resale and Rental
program we have created here at TVC.  I've presented at least two
CohoUS national cohousing conferences in Nashville and Portland (thank
you CohoUS!).  And, I was able to present remotely via Zoom video
conferencing at the NE regional conference in 2018 (thank you Pioneer
Valley and other organizers of that conference.  Thanks also to Raines
Cohen who handled the technical aspects of the remote presentation.)

I?ve also distributed our Resale forms to a few communities.

Now, I have a presentation to my community about our Resale program
here at TVC a week from this Sunday.

I?m very interested in finding out if:

1.  any communities have instituted a resale/rental program based on
our program at TVC.  Even if you?ve modified the program or only used
part of it ? can you let me know?  We have extensive information on
our website ?  <> ? where
you can find lots of info for Sellers and Buyers. So if you adopted
any of the information on our website please let me know that, too?

2.  you have a resale and rental program of your own ? can you very
briefly describe the program, point me to a website, or send me

3.  you have a process for new members to join your community ?  e..g.
attend a meeting, dinner, write a bio, or anything else?

4.  you have no process for new people joining your community or
selling a home in your community what has been your experience of
that?  Do new members participate in member meetings? Teams? Work
days? Social events? Dinners?

You don?t need to write an essay.  Grateful for any information you
wish to share w/ the whole list or privately w/ me. If you don?t want
to be identified in my presentation I won?t use any names or
identifying information.


Best --

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village Cohousing
Washington, DC
Member, Board of Directors
Mid Atlantic Cohousing
Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
Falls Church, VA

<8.18.19 Final amended resale house agreement.docx>
<20180415WaitListBenefits final.docx>
<Advisory Instructions to Executors (002).docx>

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