Re: Open House Day 2020?
From: Alice Alexander (
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2020 11:03:08 -0700 (PDT)
Neil Planchon sent this out Friday, April 3:

  Hello everyone

I hope this finds you well and staying strong during these Coronavirus
times. I am on the Coho/US events team and now focusing on helping organize
our April 26 National Cohousing OpenHouse day.

You are receiving this note because you or someone in your community,
signed up to host an Open House on April 26. A lot has happened since the
time you signed up and I am checking in with you to find out what you are
planning to on Open House day now that circumstances are different.

I have added a simple grid, as we have done in previous years, where your
event details will be listed for all to see. The page is a work in progress
which I am updating daily. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

In my opinion...

   - It is important that our communities open our virtual doors (using
   Skype, Google Meet, Zoom or Whereby) to seekers.
   - This unprecedented time is creating a unique opportunity for
   communities to introduce and host more people than might come in person.
   - Be creative and have FUN as you reinvent your Open House event!

I have very much enjoyed hearing and reading about how communities have
been navigating the last few weeks. Keep it up!

Remember to let me know what your plans for April 26 are so that I can get
our webpage updated this week. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from

In community

Events Planning Team member. Cohousing Association of the USA
Swan's Market Cohousing and Cohousing Research Network

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  Margaret Mead

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 1:56 PM Susan HEDGPETH <hedgpeth [at]> 

> Hi cohousers,
> Sorry if I missed this but I haven't seen any discussion about having Open
> House Day this year on April 26.  I know at one point it was scheduled.
> And I know there was a webcast about it but that was a few weeks ago so
> things may have changed.  I don't find anything on the site
> about it.
> Could someone please advise the status?  Is anyone trying to do one
> virtually?    Pros?  Cons?    I'm feeling like it's too much to try to pull
> together at this late date but am curious what other communities are doing
> (or not doing).  Thanks.
> Susan Hedgpeth
> Pleasant Hill Cohousing
> Pleasant Hill, CA
> East of San Francisco
> http://phch,org
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> >
> Virus-free.
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