Re: CoHousing meetings which meet social distancing requirements
From: Tom @ Gather (
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2020 13:19:20 -0700 (PDT)
For those of you on Gather, I'll soon be deploying a feature that makes it
easy to use passwords with zoom without actually having to remember the
password. this should eliminate any security issues with zoom well keeping
its remarkable ease-of-use.

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 16:06 Chris Hansen <itschrishansen [at]> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I'm wondering how you all are meeting with the growing need for social
> distancing, and many common houses being closed?
> We have collectively used zoom, however there's concern amongst residents
> about privacy and security, hacking and zoombombing which a number of our
> residents recently experienced in a local public meeting.
> A good proportion of our residents are older and it's taken quite a while
> to get zoom working.
> I've looked at other options- skype I find much inferior quality-wise with
> a lot of call-drops, and microsoft teams seems expensive and complex.
> I also have my doubts that we are going to get our residents all on
> facebook or whatsapp (and am not sure that they are any more secure or
> reliable)
> So- I'm wondering how other cohousing communities are communicating, and
> what you see as the advantages/disadvantages of each option?
> Many thanks!
> Chris Hansen
> Burlington CoHousing East Village
> Vermont
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