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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 12:55:56 -0700 (PDT)
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Please help make better -
Volunteer some help while in social distancing isolation.
Can you help? Stuck at home?  The Cohousing Association welcomes
individual volunteers to help check our web site and directory for
accuracy / completeness.

The the directory is maintained somewhat seperately and therefore
there are two somewhat seperate tasks and it is helpful to report

A) Help fix web site broken links / issues.

B) Check the Directory - is your information correct?
   Does the Cohousing Assoc. have your community's contact information?

A bit more detail, Easy to do:

A) Website - Website beta testing

 1). Go to:
 2). Poke around - click buttons - dig deep.  If you find a "broken link" or
    something not right then:
 3). Make a screenshot of the broken page (NEED the URL address shown) and:
 4). Email Karen:     karencohous [at]

B) Directory listing - Update community's info including contact info

 1). Go to:
 2). Check out your directory information.
    If all correct - them please report "all correct" AND report your best
    contact info for Cohousing Assoc. contact

    If not correct - Make a screenshot of the broken page (NEED the URL
    address shown) and report issue
 3). Email  Shelly:  sparks [at]

Thanks For your help -
Ty Albright - Cohousing Assoc. Board Member / Treasurer

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