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Session Descriptions

*To Matter and Belong with Gina Sim: *

“People who don’t know they matter are more likely to cause harm than those
who have a clear sense of their place in the human family.” Miki Kashtan.
So many of us long for living among folks who see us for who we are and
appreciate our gifts; a place where when we return home to our little
villages, we feel a beautiful sense of belonging and interdependence. This
is the driving force bringing us to cohousing communities around the world.
When we achieve the goal of making it to the very place that we know will
fulfill our dreams, we are likely to have the expectation that our need to
matter and belong will be instantly and forever met. It is when that need
gets threatened that the potential for conflict arises. Conflict within
communities is both natural and painful. This is why we need systems in
place connecting with conflict from the simple to the complex. Just knowing
these systems are in place can give us peace of mind. It is my intention to
share the basics of what it takes to sustain our communities where conflict
is concerned. You will learn about the elements of effective empathy, how
to give and receive feedback and hopefully much more from the systems that
Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community has put in place through their Care and
Counsel Circle.

*Permaculture: Ecological Design for Communities in the Climate Change Era
with Connor Steadman:*

By understanding and regenerating the patterns and processes of ecosystems,
communities can be designed for resilience in the face of climate

This workshop will explore permaculture design principles and solutions for
climate adaptation in communities in Connecticut and beyond, including
stormwater; drought management, biodiversity restoration, resilient home
and agricultural food production, and the social and community implications
of landscape; building design. We will move between studio and field
experiences using the property development process at Rocky Corners as a
living case study for community-scale ecological design.

*Dynamic Governance or Sociocracy with Ted Rau:*

Many communities, including cohousing communities worldwide, are using
Dynamic Governance (DG, or ‘sociocracy’) to self-manage, enjoying its
clarity and ease. DG is fun to experience, so in this workshop, we’ll try
it out and reflect together: how can we hear all voices and still get
things done?

*Sustainability Panel with Connor Stedman, Jim Childress and a Rocky Corner
Community Member:*

Toward an Ethic of Food Sharing, from Farm to Table. The discussion
prompted by Dick Margulis, facilitated by Ted Rau:

Breaking bread together is an ancient way to promote community and comity.
But what if that “bread” is food you’re morally opposed to eating? The
social center of many communities revolves around shared meals. What are
the ethical considerations when shared community values give way to diverse
personal values? How do those considerations affect the kinds of food grown
on a farm the community owns in common? How do they affect the kinds of
food served at common meals? And how do they affect the viability of the
community? Participants will model a sociocratic proposal-forming process
to demonstrate a way to discuss these potentially contentious issues.

*Permaculture in The Field with Connor Stedman:*

Let’s take what you learned this morning and see how it applies in the
outside real world! ATTENTION: Stay tuned for a unique delivery description
of this session as we shift this event online.

*Rocky Corner Tour:*

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