April 26th National Cohousing Open House Day - Essentials.
From: Neil (neilswansway.com)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2020 06:57:30 -0700 (PDT)
Hello and thank you Fred for posting / forwarding Melanie’s April 26th National 
Cohousing Open House Day inquiry. 

To ALL who are organizing an event, please visit 

The second paragraph on that page has a link to the event intake form. Fill in 
that form. I will be notified and will add your event details to the schedule. 
At time of writing, ~20 communities are hosting a virtual tour and gathering. 🔆


To ALL who are interested in attending an event, visit 
https://www.cohousing.org/national-open-house-2020/ for the day’s schedule and 
directions for how to join in. 

Note: The bolded community name is a link to their website. 
I think that covers the essentials. What else can I help you with to be a host 
or attendee?

In community,
neil at swansway dot com

Volunteer Coordinator :: National Cohousing Open House Day 2020 
Co-Developer and Founding Owner :: Swan's Market Cohousing Oakland CA
Steering Committee :: Cohousing Research Network


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