Re: Consensus Decision Making Using a Digital Platform
From: Dick Margulis (
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2020 04:16:37 -0700 (PDT)
Rocky Corner is a whisker's breadth away from move-in (Xeno's Paradox in real life), and we have been using Zoom for meetings for a few years now.

Main takeaway: meetings work much better with everyone on Zoom than with half the people in the room and the rest on the screen. That arrangement was perennially maddening, because the remote people missed much of what transpired in the room (too far from the mic, mumbling, crosstalk, body language, you name it).

With everyone on screen, as we are now, we all have an easier time seeing everyone, the facilitator has better control of the process (and can mute people at will), we conduct rounds efficiently, and sociocratic decision-making goes smoothly.

We use the chat feature for things like posting links and passing nominations in confidence to the facilitator (rather than slips of paper we would use in an in-person meeting). We use Google Drive for sharing the agenda and the meeting notes. People can screen share to present complex information, graphics, etc.

Overall, I recommend Zoom or any equivalent platform for meetings anytime someone whose consent is required cannot be physically present. If you have good enough tech that one or two people can be remote and still participate fully with everyone else in a meeting room, go for it. But if you're jury-rigging a half-assed solution in someone's living room, it's better to have 100% of the participants on screen.

Dick Margulis

On 4/26/2020 12:02 AM, Ann Zabaldo wrote:
Hello all —

For those of you using a digital platform to conduct meetings, how are you handling 
consensus decision making?  I’m not talking about discussion but the actual 
time you are moving towards consensus on a proposal.

What challenges have you had or do you foresee?

What has gone well w/ your consensus process via a digital platform?

Do you have suggestions for communities starting to use a digital platform?

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