Re: Cats - indoor outdoor or both in cohousing
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 20:16:17 -0700 (PDT)
> On Apr 28, 2020, at 10:51 PM, fergyb2 via Cohousing-L <cohousing-l [at] 
>> wrote:
>    At Swans Market (20 units, downtown Oakland,CA, very urban). The original 
> founders had no restriction on number or kind of pets.  This quickly became a 
> problem after move in.  Although the people  had been  meeting together for 
> years before move in the pets had not. 

When I joined Takoma Village I was not living in DC. So for the first year I 
was an email member. I kept seeing emails about cats and dogs—just got a new 
one, this one died but I got two this time, another foster cat. And then 
someone started planning for the litter boxes in the CH. "Won’t it be fun when 
all our cats can play together!!!”

I asked how many cats there were. There was no more talk of cats in the CH. 
Partly because someone mentioned allergies but also they had not counted up 
their 12-15 cats. One person had 5 neurotic foster cats. Litter boxes for 15 
cats is not small feat.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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