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Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 14:41:55 -0700 (PDT)
The next online conference is just 12 days away, and more importantly, the
deadline for Early Bird discount registration is Wednesday, May 20.
Register today!

This is going to be a great conference, with seasoned speakers and new
ideas.  And you get to see them ALL.  You can attend three sessions on May
30 (day of event), and watch the rest as recordings after the event.  No
missing out on one great event because you chose another!

Full event details and registration here:

12 great sessions:
Session 1

Sky Blue

Cultivating Cooperation and Caring in Community

The culture of individualism we’ve been steeped in does not prepare us for
living in community. We want a culture of cooperation and caring, but our
hopes and dreams run counter to our training. This session will look at how
cooperative groups can address the culture they want to leave behind and
foster the culture they want.

Gina Simm

Keeping Coho Kids Connected

What supports the connection that we value for our cohousing children? What
discourages it? After an exploration of these questions, I will share some
systems I’ve developed for optimizing the connections between kid to kid,
kid to families and kid to neighbors.

Mary Kraus

Participatory Design: How Designing Together Can Bring You Together

A well-run participatory design process is one of the first opportunities
for cohousing groups to build their social community before they move in.
In this session, I describe a methodology for participatory design that is
both highly effective and deeply enjoyable, helping you build strong bonds
with your future neighbors.

William Aal

Power, trauma and conflict transformation in Community

Explore the nature of conflict, how power dynamics and trauma impact
conflict. Discover how to use healthy conflict to improve relationships in
Session 2

Ted Rau

Starting on the right foot: Dynamic Governance in small and forming groups
“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Dynamic Governance
for forming groups.

Alan O’Hashi

Get to know your community – introverts and extraverts

When you decide you want to live with a bunch of people, collaborate with
them on making decisions about your community, socialize with each other,
why is it important to get to know your neighbors on more than a
superficial level? The data are these – 65percent of the time, a cohouser
is an introvert. In this interesting and insightful workshop, you’ll get a
taste about the importance of knowing about the continuum between these two
personality types.

Elizabeth Magill

Talk to Each Other: Resolving Conflict by Connecting

Resolving most conflict requires a reconnection of the conflicted parties.
But how do we get them to talk to each other? What should we say? What are
we listening for? What if they refuse? We’ll discuss the how to help your
neighbors engage with conflict.

Rebecca Hogue

Creating online retreats – helping communities stay connected

In this session, we will share how we keep our community connected through
online retreats. We needed to find a way to stay connected virtually while
working through challenges posed during design development. Our retreats
are a mix of business and community building helping us stay connected to
one another.
Session 3

Laird Schaub

Consensus Challenges
Consensus is the most popular choice in community decision-making, but that
doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this session I’ll walk through where the hard
spots are and what you can do about it.

Karen Gimnig

Can I hear you now? Communication Skills for Connection

Studies tells us that less than 20% of what is said actually gets heard by
the listener. We’ll learn a simple (though not always easy) strategy for
hearing each other more effectively and deepening our sense of connection.

Sarah Arthurs

Mindful Cohousing: Bringing all of yourself to cohousing!

Cohousers are often folk with spiritual practises . This workshop will be a
combination of sharing as well as an introduction to spiritual practice
which can support and deepen your cohousing experience .


It’s Great to Grow Up in Community!
Attendees will hear three prospectives of growing up in community. Jasper
is a 17 year old who has lived in cohousing since he was 1; he believes
community can meet you where you need it when growing up. Adam is a parent
of two teen daughters and plays the non-nonsense ‘uncle’ to many of the
community kids. Claudia is raising two younger kids (ages 5 & 8) who were
lucky to have an in community Oma (German ‘grandma’).

Karen Gimnig
Communications Director
The Cohousing Association of the US

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