Astronomy Interest?
From: David Oesper (
Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 16:37:10 -0700 (PDT)
Do any of you currently live in a rural cohousing community?  If so, I would 
like to hear from you, either on or off list.  Is astronomy an interest in your 
community?  Do you have a good view of the night sky?  Do you use 
astronomy-friendly lighting, or no dusk-to-dawn lighting at all?

I am a lifelong amateur astronomer with a passion for the night sky and sharing 
it with others.  I am near enough to retirement that I recently was able to cut 
back to 3/4 time at work so I can devote 1/4+ time to developing an 
astronomy-friendly cohousing/intentional community.  I’ve been developing this 
concept for years, but finally am able to devote a significant amount of time 
to the project.  I would welcome your input.

If you are not presently living in a rural cohousing community, but might be 
interested in one someday and have an astronomy interest, I’d love to hear from 

Clear, dark, and starry skies,

David Oesper
Mirador Astronomy Village project coordinator <>

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