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Thanks for the comments here and the extternal communications.

To clarify the situation at Prairie Hill, it is being  built as half the
units in a 2- or 4-unit building have been subscribed for.  Construction
has necessarily extended over 3 years so far and will continue at least
another year.  Because of steep terrain and a couple of building styles
each is designed by our architect separately, although many elements are
repeated in the designs. . Instead of bulk purchases of materials which
would not be possible without a warehouse to store materials, we have 2
levels of finishes and substantial discounts negotiated with a set of
vendors.Owners pay what construction costs, including costs of land
purchase, site development, engineering, architecture, and similar
so-called soft costs for each unit. As material prices have gone up, so
have building costs.  When folks sell their homes, the price will be based
on cost plus appreciation.   Our condo fees are apportioned with half based
on the size of the home and half divided by the number of units. Members
agreed to this formula and are comfortable with it. This model of
development may not work for other communities, but it has worked for us.

The modifications folks are proposing are, for example, screening in
existing porches, reasonable after-market modifications in mosquito
country., or extending patios with additional hard surfaces. Owners will
maintain these non-community extras.

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