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Date: Sat, 30 May 2020 09:22:01 -0700 (PDT)
sexual abuse records check -
This is a very timely discussion.  Our developer runs them for us but many
of the parents realized that is not a guarantee that sexual predators won't
move in. Very few people get charged and convicted.
 We have former camp counselors and I'm a teacher who works in a juvenile
detention center. I get trained every year to look for other teachers
and/or guards who may try to groom a minor.  So, I proposed that everyone
here do a similar training.  Unfortunately child abusers need access to
children so that's why you find them in schools and camps and we realized
that cohousing and intentional communities can also attract since we all
love and trust everyone and let everyone have access to our children.
I have given two "trainings" so far that I made since my work took off the
training once I passed in the fall. Next fall I have to do it again and
I"ll let neighbors join me and they can tell me how well my information
stood out but by researching I found out that the best way to prevent abuse
is to educate the parents (and the kids which is our next step and to
support parents who want to do that alone with their children of course)
I was wondering what other communities do.  I always wanted to move into a
commune until I found out they are hotbeds of abuse. I thought that was
from drugs or cults but now I realize it's the trust that abusers take
advantage.  Feel free to write me off list.  And I can also share my
training slides with anyone who wants (which deals with and asks questions
on how we can protect cohousing communities).

Thanks in advance,
Carol at Emerson Commons, Virginia
homeschoolvideo [at]

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