Re: Stay protected And connected during these times
From: Ron Ingram (
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 06:54:47 -0700 (PDT)
I am an African American woman originally from the south.

Before I am a race, I am human. Why does it take a violent protest to care
about each other? Maybe the protest against police brutality is needed but
can we get to the root of it and protest wealth inequality and housing

Before I stand outside protesting police brutality, I would rather have a
home or true financial freedom. Let's talk about the origin of the banking
system, our first currency, protests the private entity called the federal
reserve. Let's get to the root and stop railing against the symptoms.

Humans, need to be free, not just people of color. Humanity need to be
freed from the bonds of capitalistic greed.

The last march Dr. Martin Luther King Jr organized was called the Poor
People's Campaign. This was the real protest that him killed because as
long as he was marching for blacks rights, an easily divisive issue, he was
fine. As soon as be started to gather all of humanity to fight capitalistic
greed and subsequently poverty, they killed him before the protests and
marched could begin. If you wanna know more, read his book on it.

Race is such an easy divisive issue. Let's unite on a real front, the fight
against capitalistic greed and the banking system that has made us all
slaves regardless of color.

As a young woman of color and other non people of color, we need housing. I
don't protest in the streets because my life is a protest. I gave up paying
rent about 3 years ago and started living in my truck until a family from
the co housing community invited me to live with them, rent free.

Be the protest, live the protest. As the nation opens back up, they are
predicting more home foreclosures and evictions, bating us with a stimulus
check to keep us on the banking system because they that we the people are
the true currency. I dare some of us to stand in solidarity with our poor
or out of work brothers whether black or white and refuse to pay your rent,
refuse to pay mortgage. If some of can't pay for housing, none of us will
pay for housing. I dare you to help fix up a boarded up abandoned house
free of charge and find a family to live in it. I dare you. That's a real
protest. When we band together and Create lasting change in our community.
Beautiful our lsndcapes free of charge. Turn old schools into homes free of
charge. Turn old retail stores into housing free of charge instead of
looting them.

I. Dare. You.

On Wed, Jun 3, 2020, 11:19 PM Elizabeth Magill <pastorlizm [at]> 

> Interesting question. I’m more concerned about how to stand with my
> siblings of color and less concerned with being protected. My community is
> pretty securely protected by our race and our wealth. (Both from violence
> and from COVID-19).
> We are starting study groups of the book “me and white supremacy”. And
> letting each other know about situations where we can protest. Discussing
> which events are encouraging masks, and the like.
> Also, one great outgrowth of the wonderful heart conference last weekend is
> a Cohousing discussion group on racial diversity. I expect we will hear
> more from that group soon.
> I also would love to stay connected and hear how other communities are
> caring for their cities. We are far from the city so we haven’t been able
> to provide more direct support.
> Another round of white flight would certainly be an unfortunate outcome.
> I feel some amount of regret to not live in the city. What do others feel?
> Liz
> Mosaic commons in Berlin MA
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 10:24 PM Ron Ingram <ingramr88 [at]> wrote:
> > Just wanted to connect with this community during these strange times we
> > are living in. How is the co housing community protecting each other?
> Happy
> > that the looting has not reached residential areas. But also sad to see
> the
> > violence that has happened. Does anyone think there will be a major
> > "flight" from the more populated urban areas as a result of this? If so,
> > how will that affect those in rural areas?
> >
> > Ron
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