George Floyd Movement and CoHousing
From: Ann Lehman (
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2020 19:20:18 -0700 (PDT)
The recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis spurred marches calling
for racial justice. This call aligns with our Cohousing movement that
values all people and embraces diversity.

The Cohousing Association stands firmly in support of people of color and
anti-racist allies. We hope that the skills we build within our communities
for deep listening and productive working together can be applied in our
neighborhoods and cities to support those who are struggling to be
heard.  "Diversity" is a value commonly included in cohousing mission
statements. Figuring out ways to make it happen requires difficult
conversations, which are essential as we strive to do better.

Following last week's "Heart of Community" online cohousing conference, a
large group of attendees convened to discuss what cohousers and their
communities can do to provide support for racial justice in their cities
and towns. We also have members who have specialized in these areas for
years and we hope to hear more from them.

We encourage all Cohousing communities to have this challenging
conversation. Those wanting ideas for discussion topics, actions to take,
and the ways cohousing and racial justice overlap, join our new Facebook
Group *"Cohousers for Racial Justice
You can exchange stories, and discuss how cohousing communities can be
better allies in the city or town where we live. You can learn about
organizations to join or support, resources available, and ways to have
those arduous conversations so real change can take place.

*Cohousing Association Board of Directors*

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*Ann Lehman - Vice President *

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