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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 10:06:06 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 4, 2020, Ann Zabaldo wrote:
> Village Hearth on Here and Now right now!  2:36 pm Here's the link:
> Ann Zabaldo
> Takoma Village Cohousing
> Washington, DC
> Member, Board of Directors
> Mid Atlantic Cohousing
> Principal, Cohousing Collaborative, LLC
> Falls Church, VA
> 202.546.4654

Kathryn McCamant replied in part:

>And for those of you who have been following along for awhile, their
>construction financing came from the National Coop Bank, a relationship I've
>been working for years, well really....decades.
>Kathryn McCamant, President
>CoHousing Solutions

Congratulations to Village Hearth

In light of the National Coop Bank funding, is it organized as a coop?

My short description of cohousing often starts that it is "a form of
cooperative housing" and a form of intentional community.  Sometimes I
get to explaining that few in the USA are legally organized as coops.
And that I think that the coop form of organization would be more
appropriate and the perception of funding realities that account for
this. BTW I think these "realities" vary regionally.  I still dream of a
cohousing community organized as a coop here.

Minnesota has a relatively large numbers of coops of various kinds,
and we have an organization for "cooperators" -- CoMinnesota  About 80 of the about 120 senior housing
coops are in MN  --
But we have very few cohousing communities so far.

I searched the Village Hearth website and found nothing about coops.
As I understand it, not all states have a separate cooperative
form of corporation.  Does North Carolina?


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