bullying behavior
From: CJ Q (homeschoolvideogmail.com)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 05:40:09 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all,
I will check the archives but I think I've looked over all the kid ones as
much as possible.  Please give us some advice on how to curb bullying
behavior of small children.

We have many kids but 90% are preschool and there is a lot of unkind words,
ganging up, excluding, and coercion.  And, like many communities, there are
differences of parenting style.  Some parents discuss right away with the
child, bring them inside, and/or have some sort of consequence. Others, are
into the idea of complete freedom for their children and are struggling
with how to change their children's behavior or think fighting and hitting
is part of growing up and that kids should never get any directions.  I'm
not against giving kids freedom and helped run a Sudberry Valley/Democratic
School, however, we did have to ask some children to leave there if they
were too violent and here we can't (or can we ?)  I have also seen in
Democratic Schools adults who don't understand the whole concept and never
set any limits so parents took their kids out since it didn't feel safe and
a lot of unsafe stuff did happen.
I appreciate your help since some of our children are hurting and all the
parents are having a hard time getting along right now (and are hurt too)

Thanks in advance,
Emerson Commons (still new since Feb 2019)
you can email me too at homeschoolvideo [at] gmail.com

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