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I won't go into all the systemic and nervou system explanations here.  But
I wish I had some of that information while I was still teaching.  And I
hope I end up in a community with lots of kids.  Because now that I
understand NVC, and am learning restorative circles, I wish I could turn
back time, and that some adults in my childhood knew these things and ways
to deal with them.

In my opinion, it is extremely important that the adults step in,
especially when there is physical violence.  Both the kids in that
situation are suffering.  Kids hit because they are frustrated, and so do
adults for that matter.

Anyway, I recently came across this idea of micro circles.  Have a look

This could work well for us adults too ... maybe we adult need this even
more than the kids since we  have had a lifetime of conditioning that
teaches us to find fault, blame, and punish.


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