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Regarding Bullying:

My opinion based on experience -

This issue boils down to raw human nature.  Very sad that some bully and
others are victims.  "Good" parents prevent their children from being
bullies - but in todays world some parents are clueless about the
inappropriate behavior of their children (these parents possibly are also
bullies).  Bottom line - Bullies can not be reasoned with - they only
understand retaliation.

The community kids need to organize (possibly with the coaching of an adult)
and agree to be unified - and as a group - all the kids - needs to confront
the bully and explain that the bully behavior will not be tolerated going
forward - then - in the future - if ANY bullying occurs - all kids need to
respond to the cries for help from the "victim" and if needed - physically
intervein.  Possibly there are some older kids who can be "champions" to
protect the younger or weaker kids.   If the Bully behavior is not corrected
another strategy is  Shunning.

Its best if the kids handle this themselves - it's a good life lesson - the
"Bully" will also benefit by understanding the consequences of their
behavior and hopefully correct their behavior from becoming a lifelong

I know this suggestion is not politically correct - but it works - its based
on reality and human nature.  Allowing a child to be a victim is very cruel
- help them organize and stop bully behavior.


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