Re: Laundry Detergent
From: Fred-List manager (
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 05:22:30 -0700 (PDT)
Virginia Tegel <virginiategel [at]>
is the author of the message below.  It was posted by
Fred, the Cohousing-L list manager <fholson [at]>
after deleting quoted digest and restoring subject line.

Virginia, you are forgiven for sending a quoted digest.
For that matter I forgive everyone who posts a quoted digest
particularly if they try to remember to:

 please delete most of quoted digest and
restore subject line when replying.   NOTE: Digest subscribers can
make replying easier by using "auto folders" particularly Gmail and
Outlook users.   See

I regret that this is a bit awkward but that's the way it is.

My atempts to explain...
How to reply to cohousing-L digests from Gmail
are at:


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This is my first post so please forgive if I'm not doing it right.

I rent in Arcadia in Carrboro. The community uses Charlie's laundry soap in
the common house front load and top load washer. Those sensitive to soaps
are not impacted.


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