Re: Accessibility Issues with LLC Operating Agreement
From: Henning Mortensen (
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 06:42:11 -0700 (PDT)
Our group is attempting to tackle this issue by accepting our local
jurisdictions base agreement and then just recording areas where we
disagree and want to change. This way over time as the local laws change,
we will automatically be covered by any added future provisions. Of course,
we will still need to review changes to see if our list of changes is still
appropriate. This makes our document much smaller and the changes we enact
are clear rather then being hidden in some long document.

We have not yet registered our bylaws, and are not sure if our controlling
organization will accept this method of doing bylwas, but the worst case is
that we will have to make a version of the generic bylaws and make our
edits in that document.

Henning Mortensen
Prairie Spruce Commons
Regina Sk, Canada

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 6:38 AM Carrie Cole via Cohousing-L <
cohousing-l [at]> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Our cohousing group, Seattle Urban Cohousing, is in the process of working
> with a lawyer to write the Operating Agreement for our recently formed LLC.
> Have any groups found success with writing the Operating Agreement in a
> more readable plain english form while maintaining the legal protections
> necessary? We are concerned the amount of “legalese” and the length of our
> first draft of our Operating Agreement will be violating our value of
> accessibility for new members. I’d love to hear from other group's
> experience with this issue. Thanks!
> Carrie Cole
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