stored in the common house
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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 18:47:57 -0700 (PDT)
Sharon asks “What do you store in your common house?”

What do we have storage space for in our common house?
(RoseWind has had our 2800 sf CH for 20 years; 23 households)
Drawers and cupboards in dining room, by serving area: take-home containers, 
light bulbs, candles, vases, punch bowl, table cloths, napkins.
Cleaning: mops, broom, dust pans, squeegees, cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, 
floor scrubber (with whirly brushes), rags (red ones for floors, others for 
general cleaning).
Folding sign for wet floor. Buckets. 
Plastic drawer unit in pantry: Hand tools, misc hardware, felts and caps for 
furniture legs. Batteries. Tape measure. Extension cords.
Seasonal: decorations and tree ornaments for Christmas, sundry decor for 
Hallowe’en and Valentine’s.
Black-out panels for windows, for showing slides or video when it’s light out. 
Sandwich board used for yard sales. Step stools and ladders.
Easels and tablets for meetings.
Extra chairs (plastic, stacked) for concerts etc.
Leaves for one of our dining tables.
2 card tables, 2 spare plastic tables.
File cabinet (4 drawers)including reference matls from our PUD process, maps 
(topo, survey, parking, etc); file on each lot (blueprints, records of sale, pr 
when resold); photos of inside the CH walls during construction (wires, pipes). 
Notebooks of minutes, committee reports, emergency contact info, utility 
shutoff locations for each house.
In kitchen, cookbooks, notebook with manuals for our appliances.
Pantry- supply of TP, paper towels, vac-seal bags; pressure canner, toaster, 
citrus juicer, apple peeler, electric fry pans.
Pantry supplies of staple foods like grains, oils, sweeteners. Freezer food 
(garden rhubarb, onions etc; butter.) Booster seat for kid. Stored squash, 
onions, garlic.
Up high: disco ball (!!), misc construction leftovers.
Books and toys for kids. Puzzles, games.
Stuff for weekly art group. CDs, books, misc dvds. AV equipment incl 
projector/screen;, photo copier.
Kitchen: pots and pans, pizza stones, griddle, dish towels, pot holders, 
aprons, rubber gloves, small appliances (blenders, food processors, grinders, 
rice cookers). Matches, birthday candles. Extra dishes for big events.
Trash and recycling; lost and found.
Song books, piano music.             
Drawer of office stuff- pens, markers, tape, tacks, phone lists.
Outdoor garden shed with EZ Up canopy, tools for weeding patio and borders of 
Foyer: cubbies for individuals’ slippers etc; baskets of public slippers; 

Maraiah Lynn Nadeau, RoseWind Cohousing, Port Townsend WA

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