Re: taking minutes for a Zoom meeting
From: Martie Weatherly (
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2020 06:05:01 -0700 (PDT)
I am one of the facilitators at Liberty Village. I am learning to use Zoom in a 
more effective way. At our last meeting, I used the white board just as we 
would have in person. I summarized the points on the white board and then we 
corrected them until we had 4 points on the topic to go to the team for 
creating a proposal. The minute taker could use the white board and didnt have 
to have her own list.  

I always believe minutes should be a summary and not what each person says. 

Hope that helps. 

Martie Weatherly
Liberty Village

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>I take most of the meeting minutes for our plenary meetings and for the
>meetings we hold a week ahead that set the plenary meeting agenda (among
>other tasks).
>I have found it harder to do via Zoom. People's audio isn't always clear; I
>lose track of late arrivals to add to the list of attendees nor do I always
>notice who left the meeting after a few minutes; it isn't always clear
>which spouse is in the meeting. Most annoyingly, I can't always tell who is
>speaking. My solution for that has become to not identify speakers and do
>more summarizing, which might be an overall positive for minutes readers.
>I've thought of asking everyone to say their name before speaking, but I
>don't know if that would happen consistently enough to be worth bringing
>up. Occasionally I interject "who is speaking?"
>I am curious about other minute-takers' experience in this online meeting
>  Muriel at Shadowlake Village
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