Re: Using Guest Rooms for other uses
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 00:33:59 -0700 (PDT)
We here at Liberty Village in Libertytown Md.are not using our CH at present 
but when we were, we did use the room for other than a guest room. The guest 
room has a sofa bed so it is like a small living room when the bed is not 
pulled out. We used the room every Monday for a coffee klatch. It is more 
intimate than the large dinning room. Some residents have used the room to do 
computer work because there is a computer in the room. We have on occasion used 
it to watch special TV shows and sports events such as the Olympics. Our guest 
room is not used frequently so it hasn"t been a problem so far.
Betsy Algire
Liberty Village 
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> A lot of communities talk about using their guest rooms for other uses
> when they are not in use (small meetings, clean crafts, work space,
> etc). I am wondering if any existing communities have experience with
> this working successfully?  My experience is that Guest Rooms don’t
> really work for much of anything else, so just checking in on the
> experience in other communities. Appreciate hearing your experiences.
> Katie
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