Intentional community as a covid strategy
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 12:44:37 -0700 (PDT)
The first half of the podcast below is related to cohousing - tho I'm
reluctant to calling the intentional community "cohousing"
since it is only 4 households. (The term cohousing is used.)
Otherwise it sounds like a cohousing community with a very high degree
of communitas.

This podcast is not from the usual cohousing advocates but rather

 The Intercept is an award-winning news organization dedicated to
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 journalism. Its in-depth investigations and unflinching analysis focus
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This episode:
Escape From the Nuclear Family: Covid-19 Should Provoke a Rethink of
How We Live

Guest host Naomi Klein is joined by Movement Generation's Gopal
Dayaneni and Rutgers University professor Neil Maher.

-------- "pods and covid" -----------

The podcast uses the term "pod" (unrelated to "podcast").

>One idea that some families are considering -- and that infectious
>disease epidemiologists think might be a smart way to balance mental
>health needs with physical safety -- is to create quarantine
>"pods" or "bubbles," in which two or three families agree to
>socialize with one another but no one else. In a pod, families hang
>out together, often without regard to social distancing -- but
>outside of the pod, they follow recommended social distancing rules.

The Orchard IC featured in the podcast with 4 households corresponds
closer to the pods described in the NYT article.  Have any cohousing
communites divided themselves into pods in the Covid era?

I presume the numbers relate to the probability of catching the virus
tho regretably I have not seen any detailed discussion of this. There
are many fctors besides numbers so it is complicated.


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