governance and decision making resources for cohousing (sociocracy)
From: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 05:36:37 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Communitarians,

We know that more and more cohousing communities are playing with
sociocracy (Dynamic Governance). More than 80 according to the directory of
the Foundation for Intentional Community! Since I have lived in cohousing
since 1994 and worked with lots of communities, cohousing is a focus area
of ours.

Sociocracy For All offers sociocracy resources, training, and networking.
This is what we've got for cohousing communities:

*For newbies:*

   - If you have no idea what sociocracy is and what we're talking about
   here, go to our start-here page
   <>, or join us on Aug 27 for a
   free intro webinar

*For beginners:*

   - Individuals can learn the basics of sociocracy in our 6-hour online
   workshop <>.
   - Groups of 4-7 people can learn sociocracy together in our study-group
   curriculum <> (8h total). All online!

*For sociocratic communities or forming communities:*

   - Are you aware that we offer a free template of a governance agreement
   on our community resources page
   <>? You can copy it and adapt
   it to your own wording and circumstances. The same page also has case
   studies and videos.
   - Need a way to orient new members? Some sociocratic communities
use our study-group
   curriculum <> - also to refresh
   sociocracy among the old ones!
   - Facilitation training
   <> -
   train some of your people to be excellent facilitators! See recordings of
   sociocratic meetings, printable posters, and all kinds of helpful
stuff on our
   facilitation page <>.

*For anyone:*

   - Living together and self-governing of any kind works much better if we
   communicate better. That's why we always train Nonviolent Communication
   governance and decision-making training. Small, intimate classes - learning
   online actually works well.

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
, Sociocracy For All <>
Founding Resident, Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community

To talk to me about sociocracy or NVC, go here:

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