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From: Jack & Carolyn Salmon (
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 09:27:33 -0700 (PDT)
Common House usage:
At Quimper Village, a senior cohousing community, we have discontinued most 
uses of our common house due to the Corona virus; however, we do use the atrium 
for package delivery, a library, sharing or giving away stuff.  The laundry 
room is open for the 13-14 households who use it.  The office is open and the 
bathroom for use by folks working here and members in need.  

Our standard usage included 2 meals a week and a social hour for up to 35 
people each time. Kitchen for meal prep and clean up -- 6-7 people each meal.   
Laundry room used by 13 households, sitting room with game table & library used 
by about 15 people a day.  3 guestrooms with bathrooms used over 250 nights a 
year, a den used for meetings 10-12 times  a week, bridge game weekly, visiting 
nurse visits monthly used by 20 people,  whole community (40 people) meetings 
monthly,  committee meetings  probably totaling 50 people visits weekly.  
Coffee bar - about 10 uses a day.  

Carolyn Salmon

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> I am with Middlesex Senior Co-housing, which hopes to build the region's 
> first senior co-housing development on property we've optioned in Littleton, 
> MA. Our plans are before the Littleton Planning Board and among their 
> questions is: why do we need a common house? (I know -- this does not 
> strictly relate to the zoning bylaw, but we're trying to reassure them in as 
> many ways as possible.) One member maintains that a Common House is "never 
> used". Before the next Planning Board meeting (in a few weeks) I want to 
> present results of a short survey of ?co-housing communities' use of their 
> common house. Could anyone out there please help us out by answering a few 
> questions?
> ?
> 1. How often is your common house used -- on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
> 2. For what purposes do people use your common house? (As many uses as 
> possible!)
> ?
> Many?thanks from all of us in Middlesex Senior Cohousing!Barbara B Smith?
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> At Quimper Villa

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